Age in reverse

Stop premature aging. Lose the aches and pains caused by unhealthy posture. Feel at home in your body, with the natural core strength and relaxation that comes from aligned bones.

Do you tell yourself you have bad posture? Are you developing the same rounded back as your mother despite your yoga practice or the time you spend at the gym? Are you worried about losing your mobility and strength as you age?

What if a few simple changes to how you sit, stand, bend and walk could give you easy upright, pain-free posture for the rest of your life?

Spinefulness teaches a new way of living in your body that will build strength and increase your flexibility while you go about your daily routines.

In the first hour of this class you’ll learn to sit in comfort. By the end of four weeks, you’ll be well on your way to a more comfortable, and more elegant way to live in your body.

In four one hour classes, you will learn how to see balanced posture, and begin to feel it in your body.

Each class covers one of the four main postures of daily life: sitting, standing, bending and walking. And each class comes with a short practice video to help you reinforce what you learned in class.

You will understand the anatomical truths behind this work, and you will be guided into expressing them in your own body.

And there’s a bonus video guide on how to take a good picture of your current posture, and then how to read that picture and discover the specifics of your imbalances.

Imagine if you could get out of bed in the morning without needing a few minutes of stretching to get rid of back pain? What if the minor aches and pains, the ones you tell yourself are part of the aging process, started disappearing? What if you felt stronger and straighter every day, without spending hours at the gym?

It sounds miraculous, and in a way, it is. But think of this: if you can bring the centre of gravity in your body, which is your pelvis, back to the centre, then every muscle in your body, every fascial network, every nerve and every organ stands to benefit. You won’t know what it can do for you until you try it.

You may be wondering: "Is the Spinefulness Foundations program right for me?"

  • If you have pain that goes away after a massage or other body treatment, but always returns, this work is for you.

  • If you are entering your senior years and want to stay strong and healthy and extend the good years, this work is for you.

  • If you see your upper back rounding and worry that you are going to inherit your mother’s posture, this work is for you.


  • Am I too old to change?

    I started practicing Spinefulness at 68. Within two years I had lost my nagging S.I. joint pain and my upper back pain, and made major improvements in my spine. Four years later, I’m still working on it, and feeling stronger every day. The human body is extremely malleable. If you learn to put your weight in your bones and relax, you can improve, no matter how old you are.

  • I’m already really rounded. Can I really straighten out?

    As long as you don’t have a fracture in your spine, you can straighten. First, you have to stop doing things that round your back more, like trying to stand up straight, and doing yoga chest openers. Then you have to heal your lumbar spine, in your low back, so your upper back has support from below.

  • Isn't posture genetic?

    It may be that all the women in your family have a curved upper back, or everyone has tight hamstrings and a flat bottom. But that doesn’t mean it’s genetic. The truth is, posture is cultural. All children go through a period when they have flawlessly balanced posture. Then, about age three, they start to imitate their parent and older siblings. If they’re lucky, and live in a society of balanced posture, they keep their alignment. If they aren’t, they take on the same misalignments as their family.

  • I can't fit another activity into my day. How am I going to make time for this?

    You don’t need extra time to do this work. All you need to do is pay attention to yourself as you move through your daily life. Every time you empty the dishwasher or put down cat food, you practice bending. Every time you go for a walk, you practice walking. Every time you sit down, you practice sitting. It takes, paradoxically, no time at all, and every waking moment. I do recommend dedicating five minutes a day to a special practice, but even the busiest person has five minutes.

Meet your instructor, Eve Johnson

"In my search for body harmony, I studied yoga for 29 years before finding Spinefulness. I certified as an Iyengar teacher and taught that method for 16 years. In 2016, I took a weekend workshop in Balance/Spinefulness that changed my life and my teaching forever.
I came into yoga at 40, with enough rounding that my teacher tapped my upper back and said: “this is where your work is.” For the next 29 years, teachers tapped that same spot, because it never disappeared. And candid photos showed me that I was looking more rounded all the time. What I learned in that first Spinefulness workshop is the reason why my upper back was rounding and how to make it stop. I also learned why my students stayed stuck, with the same tight hips and tight hamstrings year after year.
The reason is simple enough: two hours of yoga a week were no match for 24 hours a day of living out of balance with gravity. I created this course because I want everyone in the world to understand how modern posture hurts us, and how to return to the natural alignment we had as toddlers."

Social proof: testimonials

“If you're considering buying this class do it. Best $47 I ever spent.”

Ethan Sheldon

“The classes that Eve teaches on spine alignment are wonderful and so helpful. Her use of photos, illustrations, props of the skeleton, various ways of visualizing what is happening in our body, and most importantly the exercises that we can take with us to do on our own all come together to move us towards better posture. She is a great teacher and anyone would benefit from taking her classes!”

Genevieve Gaugin

“This class is a great fit for me. Your voice is lovely and peace inducing.-I appreciate the constant reminders to be mindful about my body. I am feeling taller thanks to your guidance and I love it. ”

Katie McDonald

“Eve Johnson's video showing the pelvis sitting in the correct position was a life-changing event for me. This Spinefulness Foundations course is exactly what I needed. Eve is teaching me comfort and gentleness as being paramount to my progress. I find it is true that not just following the movements she teaches, but relaxing throughout the process is as important. ”

Colleen McHugh